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Visual feminist

ORGANIZATION:  GRACA, the Gender Research And Communication Agency

Estayqazat (She is Awake!) is an Arab feminist organization operating now from Berlin. Based on our oral history research, we communicate stories of young women’s lives concerning their body, sex and sexuality, mainly by the use of films.

DIRECTOR: Dana Omari


ART DIRECTOR: Katerine Sultan



Synopsis for the Visual Feminist Manifesto: Like all things in the vastness of the universe women are a creation. But what does it mean and feel like to be a woman – when understood from a woman’s experience and perspective?We follow the journey of a woman in different stages, from her creation, over childhood, adolescence and into early adulthood. We experience and see with her how she is shaped and defined by the changes in her mind and her body, and as well by how her surroundings in words and deeds, exactly like a mould, are shaping or trying to shape her.It is a journey of hope, aspiration, and struggle to find one’s own dignity, purpose and joy in becoming a person in full – that is: a woman true to herself, with agency, and with strong solidarity towards other women – her sisters in life.

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