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  • Writer -Director-Art deparment and post production Katerine Sultan

  • Sound Alexander Acevedo 

  • Actress Kristina Lanis

Antipoesia is a meditative film about a subject that explores death as a metaphoric liberation, passing through an intermediate state of transit, hearing and constantly breaking, represented by the mental body of a porcelain doll, until reaching enlightenment. ...

The film was shot and edited in a way that every element has a special meaning or symbolism in the story, for example according to the tibetan text Bardo thodol the moment of transit, just after we died last 49 days ( the doll symbolise spiritual power and this scene last 49 seconds ) the space is represented by the moon as it was the last image our subject was watching that sunday just before the car crash.

Antipoesia is my third project where I experienced the director role. In this opportunity I had to face the most extraordinary challenges that made me realise how important teamwork is when making a film, in this particular project I found a special connection with the actress, a great communication that led to a great performance taking her into a melancholic journey of transformation.

-- As a director/ Artist every project is a unique adventure to unknown parts

of ourselves to be discover.

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