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Art director - Filmmaker

About me


Katherine Sultan Erminy (1983) Venezuelan-born, Berlin-based Visual Artist, Filmmaker, Production Designer. After completing her studies in visual arts, master's degree in mixed media, Katherine embarked on her creative journey. Her career took a significant turn when she contributed as an Art Director on her first feature film, "El Peor Hombre del Mundo." This experience ignited her passion for filmmaking, leading her to pursue her dream of creating cinematic narratives. In 2017, Katherine took the leap into filmmaking with the feature film, "All Cats Are Black in the Dark." Since then, she has been actively involved in the industry, working across various roles such as Art Director, Production Designer, Collaborator, and Concept/Visual Artist for a diverse range of projects including short films, feature films, theatre plays, and music videos. As a multidisciplinary artist, Katherine's work revolves around the creation of immersive imaginary worlds. She specializes in conceptualizing the aesthetics of each project, translating them into compelling visual ideas, and crafting atmospheres that resonate with the narrative. Her work extends to character design and the realization of creative visions for sets and locations, all aimed at infusing each project with a distinct and captivating visual identity.

Artist in Residence:

  • 2021-2024: Untergeschoss Der Pandora Kunstgalerie, Berlin.


Solo Exhibitions:


  • 2017: “instropect” Caffè Degli Artisti Berlin

  • 2015: “TRANSFORMATO” Jacobo Borges Museum, Caracas.

  • 2012: “Error 404" Convent of Santo Domingo, Cusco, Peru.

  • 2011: "data1μ" Centro Cultural de la Noche, Neccochea, Argentina


Collective Exhibitions:


  • 2024: XXV EDITION OF EXPERIMENTA FESTIVAL (Data lumiFILM+Avtømatyy and the space age collapse)

  • 2024: Decolonization of the porcelain doll as a methaphor Untergeschoss Der Pandora Kunstgalerie, Berlin.

  • 2021: SATELLITE SESSIONS (Data luminescence+Automata) Caracas/Berlin.

  • 2020: [] Net Art

  • 2017: Net Art

  • 2016: Republica Colapsada, Lite-Haus Galerie + Projektraum, Berlin

  • 2014: "Error Message" IV Biennial of Young Art, National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) and Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) Moscow, Russia.

  • 2014: Desmanteling the Simulation III Biennial of Contemporary Art, Mérida.

  • 2013: Fotofia Feria Ibero Americana del arte,VIII Encuentro de Fotografía, Caracas.

  • 2013: Five Years of the UNEARTE, Jacobo Borges Museum, Caracas.

  • 2013: "Sitaxis Visual y Escritura" Celarg, Rómulo Gallegos Caracas.

  • 2013: "Spamm Dulce," Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas.

  • 2013: "Contra Reloj" National Art Gallery, Caracas.

  • 2013: Biennale Art Festival "The Wrong" Net Art

  • 2013 "Spamm Cupcake," New York Net Art

  • 2012: "Transmedia Art" Museo del Diseño y la Estampa, Carlos Cruz Diez, Caracas.

  • 2012: "Fuerza" Broken Desktop, Museum of Fine Arts, Caracas

Films as Writer and Director:

  • 2019: "Adriana" (Documentary) Director: Katerine Sultan - Production: Datalumifilms  


Projects as Art Director


  • 2023: "I Can't Say No to Myself" (Feature Film) - Director: Hadas Ben Aroya

  • 2023: "Visual Feminist Manifesto" (middle length film) - Director: Dana Omari

  • 2020: "Bettgeflüster" (shortfilm) - Director: Domenico Distilo

  • 2020: "Gilgamesch" (shortfilm) - Director: Tobias Schülke

  • 2020: "Irene et Steve" (shortfilm) - Director: Mohammed Abugeth  

  • 2019: "The Great Parody" (shortfilm) - Director: André Rosa de Carvalho

  • 2019: "Seven Levels Deep" (shortfilm) - Director: Pina Brutal, Mattias Larsen


Scenography for theater:

Films in other activities:

  • 2023: "Snipes" (Musikvideo) - Director: Cypher- Anmerkung: Set runner/artist liaison/driver

  • 2023:"Babbel - Speak English" (Advertisment -Director: Bengi Coskun -Assistant Art director

  • 2021:"Schlussklappe" (Kinospielfilm)-Director:Niclas Mehne - Anmerkung: Sound  

  • 2020:"Bettgeflüster"(Kurzspielfilm)-Director:Domenico Distilo - Anmerkung: Costume

  • 2019:"Nitronauten" (Dokuserie) - Director:Deniz Sözbir - Anmerkung: Prop master

  • 2019:"Vier"(Kurzspielfilm)Director:Simon Meyer – Anmerkung : Production design

  • 2019:"DEUZ"(Kinospielfilm)Director:JASPER GRAVE – Anmerkung : Production design

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