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.Art department for films, theater, music videos and advertisement


Do you have a complex script that requires to build a time machine or do you need to recreated an scenography of a specific era? Do you need a big crew of art department people to realise your vision ?

Do you need purple rain in one of your shots? blood and a sci fi naturalistic mood?

Then you are in the wright place!

We offer a diverse range of services tailored to transform your scrip into mesmerizing and eye-captivating scenarios that would leave a lasting impression.

  • Production design (mood boards, Color pallet, design characters, defining style and aesthetics)

  • Art direction (budget breakdown, a creative and talented team of artist and builders that work together to realise your vision)

  • Prop master

  • costume design/MU


Collaborate with Katerine Sultan Erminy and Step into the world of cinematic creativity, your ideal partner for bringing your artistic vision to life. 

Contact Kath today to discuss how we can make your project unforgettable. Let's embark on a journey of collaboration and creativity that pushes the boundaries of imagination.

Let's create something extraordinary together!!!



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