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That fly 70s
futuristic shit!!
Art Direction
make up
prop master


It's the year 2122, and Robots are integrated into every aspect of Human life. People can have them as Friends, Assistants, Superiors, Lovers, Compadres or Comrade – in - arms, and so on... When a robot is deactivated, for whatever reason, a funeral is held to celebrate its life. In this affecting art house film, we explore the lives of Doris, a master artist and her friends.

If you are a fan of 60s French Cinema, Charlie Kaufman and Prince, you're in for a treat!


a "Malelevision" production, of a "Royal Institute of African Cinema & Culture" motion picture

"that fly 70s sci fi futuristic shit !!"


My collaboration in Ncube's film was as Art Director and make up artist.

i also made the prison masks (which was the most important prop from the whole movie and some other props that appear in the end)

Back in 2018 when i met Ncube i was ton assisting in his previews film "the new York Amsterdam news" i got so thrill with his charismatic way of directing,  making all this amazing actors perform with so much power passion, i approach him and i said "i want to make a film, I was so tired of making the films of others come true"....after that day we start working together, he did the mentorship of my first film as writer and director #allcatsareblackinthedarkmovie and played the character of Krono.

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