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Collective exhibition 'Spring selection' at @pandora_gallery_kreuzberg  Berlin
(from 04-05 until 25-05)

"Decolonizationthe porcelain doll as a metaphor 2024


With a background in filmmaking and a profound fascination with character design, I delve into various narrative forms, drawing inspiration from the darker aspects of existence—the profound sadness, inherent cruelty, and inexplicable chaos that surround us. I am intrigued by the absurd, the surreal, and the sinister, often exploring parallel worlds and delving into the depths of the human psyche. My creative vision is influenced by visionary authors and poets like Miyo Vestrini, as well as filmmakers such as Kubrick, von Trier, Gaspar Noé, Wes Anderson, and Godard.

My artistic research is centered around the decolonization of the porcelain doll—a symbol deeply rooted in Eurocentric ideals and historical significance, explores myth, fiction and its relation to self and identity - through material .

Reflecting on the complex background of dolls across diverse cultures, I seek to reclaim the porcelain doll as a medium for storytelling and cultural expression.

As an immigrant i incorporate the complexities of identity and belonging, I infuse my work with personal experiences of displacement and longing for home. The dolls serve as mirrors for the immigrant journey, embodying narratives of resilience and reinvention.

"These delicate objects reflects the shifting cultural attitudes towards femininity and childhood, as well as the broader societal norms that shape our understanding of gender, beauty, and tradition.

Through my work, a powerful metaphor unfolds—the domestic sphere laid bare, its intricate web of power and control revealed under close examination.

Deconstruction of collective narratives, where traditional porcelain dolls emerge as unlikely superheroes—symbols of resilience against systems of domination.

I seek to challenge and subvert obsolete notions of beauty, reclaiming the doll as a symbol of empowerment and cultural resilience.

Decolonize the porcelain doll is a contemplative installation wrote it by the artist in 2024 , viewers are invited to immerse themselves in a transformative narrative—One that challenges conventional perceptions and transgresses boundaries, while exploring themes of femininity, empowerment, and cultural identity.

A wall filled with porcelain dolls, each nestled within circular domestic spacecraft-like objects. These vessels, reminiscent of portholes or windows, serve as conduits to a landscape of minimalist storytelling—serve as both homage and subversion.
they symbolize the burial of Eurocentric symbols—representing a shedding of old paradigms and the emergence of new modes of expression.. As observers engage with the installation, their gaze meets a portrait of several altered porcelain dolls, stripped bare and ready to be reimagined.


These figures, liberated from the constraints of tradition and expectation, symbolize a departure from Eurocentric norms and an embrace of spirituality rooted in ancestral wisdom. The burial of the dolls symbolize a reclamation of space—a space where diverse voices and narratives can thrive and where the echoes of the past are transformed into seeds of empowerment for the future.

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